Safety first, and second,
and third.

Exercise can be tough if you’re just getting started or beginning again. If you’re mature in age, in serious pain, or carrying extra weight, it can feel impossible.

Primal 7 is a patented system that supports your body as you move, so you feel safe and secure regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

Primal 7
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Primal 7 is a great way to build up your balance, strength, and core by using movements that your body uses everyday. Amazon Reviewer
[Primal 7] helps people to move PROPERLY - in right alignment and recruiting the correct muscles. Elisabeth Kristof, Co-owner/Co-director, RedBird Pilates & Fitness
So many people fail to exercise, because they fear failure. [With Primal 7] it’s impossible to fail. H. Armstrong, Founder, Recovery Coach Injured Athletes Toolbox
It has been a valued piece of rehab equipment. It provides graduated loading for patients of all functional levels. Joseph Connors, Physical Therapist
Absolutely limitless potential for therapy, high end athletic training, and super fun to work out with! Matthew Borer, Personal Trainer
Primal 7

When movement matters, professionals choose Primal 7.

Primal 7 is changing the way physical therapists deliver functional rehabilitation to patients with minor to acute conditions. Personal trainers are teaching body awareness and proper mechanics to a wider population of seniors, injured athletes, and beginners. Gyms have discovered an entirely new group class experience, where all participants are equally challenged and supported.

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