The support you need to conquer your can’t.

Whether you’re overcoming an injury or challenging your peak performance, the Primal 7 supportive movement system takes you to the next level. When you’re at your weakest, Primal 7 is at its strongest. When you’re at your strongest, it puts you in control of the movement. With Primal 7, mental barriers and physical limitations are a thing of the past.

Primal 7
Primal 7 is a great way to build up your balance, strength, and core by using movements that your body uses everyday. Amazon Reviewer
[Primal 7] helps people to move PROPERLY - in right alignment and recruiting the correct muscles. Elisabeth Kristof, Co-owner/Co-director, RedBird Pilates & Fitness
So many people fail to exercise, because they fear failure. [With Primal 7] it’s impossible to fail. H. Armstrong, Founder, Recovery Coach Injured Athletes Toolbox
It has been a valued piece of rehab equipment. It provides graduated loading for patients of all functional levels. Joseph Connors, Physical Therapist
Absolutely limitless potential for therapy, high end athletic training, and super fun to work out with! Matthew Borer, Personal Trainer
Primal 7

Therapist and trainer approved.

Professionals are quickly discovering the ability to speed recovery and strengthen performance with Primal 7. From acute rehab, to transformational weight loss, and elite
performance training, the versatility of our patented band system enables them to get better results, faster.

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